PRZM: A NEW APPROACH TO IMAGING FOR FASTER-THAN-EVER BAR CODE CAPTURE. While competitive systems rely on decode software to perform all image processing, PRZM changes the game by offloading a portion of that processing to the source of the image — the scan engine itself — reducing unnecessary delay and delivering a faster data capture experience.

You have an L36. L36 is the Series II from 1995-2005, characterized by the plastic intake manifold and drive by cable. The L26 is the Series III, characterized by the aluminum intake and drive-by-wire setup (computer controlled throttle), which NO bonneville ever had. Oct 28, 2018 · The PCM fits through the hole in the top. I used the four cover screws to attach it to the bracket. The connectors emerge through the hole in the side. There's clearance between the scuttle and this whole assembly to accommodate the engine harness that came with the kit. Speaking of the harness, I made a couple of changes.