Browse caliper on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Free next-day delivery on qualifying orders $35+ May 16, 2019 · Hold the pair of calipers using your right hand with the thumb on the upper arm and index finger on the lower arm. Place the jaw ends over the skinfold while continuing to pinch the skinfold with your left hand. Using your right thumb, press down where indicated on the caliper until you feel a slight click.

There are items in your cart, are you sure you want to leave this website? You can return at any time. Caliper is measured by a micrometer having a foot diameter of 5/8" which is clamped against the sheet as 7 p.s.i. pressure. Results are reported in ten-thousandths of an inch. A caliper reading is usually the average of several tests across the sheet. SMOOTHNESS. The smoothness is a measure of paper surface irregularities.